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Song:  "From the Heart" from Alexander Fitzgerald's CD "Peace"
The touch of a human hand.  The spiritual power it imparts to the skin, muscles and sinews.  The magic of human touch.  It soothes the aches and pains of daily living.  It refreshes tired and achy muscles so weary from toil. 

Knowledgeable touch with intention...
Stress melts away and one is drawn into a twilight world of peace and comfort.

The healing process begins.

Touch ~ Massage ~ Health ~ Vitality ~ Tranquility

We are...Tranquil Touch
Stop and smell the roses.  Enjoy a relaxing massage today!  You deserve it.
~ Welcome to Tranquil Touch ~
Need to de-stress?  Suffer from muscle aches and pains?  You've come to the right place.

How we feel directly impacts our attitude toward almost everything in our lives.  Massage not only makes us feel good physically ~ it causes the release of endorphins ~ those "feel good" hormones that elevates our mood, therefore eliminating depression. 

The great actor and comedian Bob Hope knew of the benefits of massage.  He received daily massages.  Bob Hope lived to be 100 years old.  Sure, the Average Joe
can't afford daily massages, but Tranquil Touch Therapeutic Massage makes receiving monthly, bi-monthly and even weekly massages affordable.  Plus, we don't pressure you into signing a membership contract or charge your bank account monthly if you can't schedule an appointment like the franchises do.

Discover the benefits of incorporating therapeutic massage into your healthy lifestyle.  Remember, massage can help reduce the effects of stress, relieve pain, increase range of motion and assist you in achieving more balance in your life.

We at Tranquil Touch will work with you as you begin your Journey to Wellness through the wonderful art of massage therapy.  Call us today to book an appointment. It's time for OUR journey to begin!

You owe it to yourself to receive a rejuvenating massage on a regular basis.  Monthly is normally recommended.  In some cases it is recommended more often.  No longer is massage therapy a luxury to be enjoyed by a wealthy minority.  Many studies prove that massage therapy is a necessity for many people to live a lifestyle free of pain, stiffness and stress-related diseases.

Therapeutic massage makes a great gift for that special someone in your life.  Show your love and care for their health and well-being by making an appointment for them today or by purchasing a Gift Certificate.  Just click the ''Gift Certificates" tab on the left side of this page.

We offer substantial discounts for regularly scheduled massage sessions! 
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~ Our Massage Modalities and What They Can Do For You ~
Swedish Massage
Swedish Massage is considered the most common form of massage.  The practitioner uses light, medium or firm pressure in gliding strokes, kneading, friction and vibration to promote relaxation, relieve muscle aches and improve circulation. 

Hot Stone Massage
Hot Stone massage is a method that combines heated basalt stones of various sizes with traditional Swedish massage.  The technique reduces stress, anxiety, aching muscles and depression.  The hot stones increase circulation.  To a certain degree, you can receive the same effects from a hot stone massage as a deep tissue massage, because the moist heat penetrates the deeper tissue layers to relax them and attain release of tension in the muscles.  Heat applications are not recommended for certain conditions.

Prenatal/Maternity Massage
Prenatal massage utilizes traditional Swedish massage techniques to reduce anxiety, stress and pain from the 13th week of pregnancy until the due date (as long as no complications arise that make it unsafe).  It balances the hormones and relieves depression.  Prenatal massage reduces the discomforts experienced during pregnancy, such as backaches, sciatica, stiff neck and shoulders, leg cramps, headaches, joint pain and edema.  Check with your doctor to see if there are any reasons why you cannot receive massage.

Aromatherapy Massage
Aromatherapy massage combines the therapeutic properties of essential oils with specific massage techniques to promote health and well-being.

Deep Tissue Massage
Deep Tissue massage uses the superficial layers of muscle and fascia to massage the deeper layers.  More pressure is utilized in this method, but, contrary to what many perceive, it does NOT have to hurt.  Deep Tissue massage helps break up 'knots' or hypertonic muscle tissue.  It frees fascia.  (See's definition of fascia below.)  Deep Tissue massage is not recommended for certain conditions.

"Fascia is a specialized connective tissue layer which surrounds muscles, bones, and joints, providing support and protection and giving structure to the body. It consists of two layers: the superficial fascia and the deep fascia.

Superficial Fascia is located directly beneath the subcutis of the skin. It functions in storing fat and water and also provides passageways for nerves and blood vessels. In some areas of the body, it also houses a layer of skeletal muscle, allowing for movement of the skin.

Deep Fascia is located directly beneath the layer of superficial fascia. It functions in aiding muscle movements and, like the superficial fascia, provides passageways for nerves and blood vessels. In some areas of the body, it also provides an attachment site for muscles and acts as a cushioning layer between muscles."

You no longer have to live with pain!
For a short time we are offering special savings on a One Hour Introductory Swedish or Prenatal Massage for New Clients. 
Regularly $60.00, the Introductory Special is discounted $10.00 ~
you pay only $50.00! 
Click the Pre-pay tab to take advantage of this offer while it lasts! 
If this is an Outcall, Travel & set-up fee will apply that is not included in the Pre-Pay option.  Of course, no Travel fee is required for our Tomball location.
See Contact Us page for details. 

Advantages of booking massages with Tranquil Touch Therapeutic Massage over the franchise establishments:

  • No high pressure to sign a contract
  • No charging your bank account each month for unused massages
  • No impersonal, rushed or snooty contact with front desk personnel
  • No surprise when you arrive for your appointment to find that your time slot was double booked
  • Affordable pricing - read the fine print of those franchise contracts
  • No high turnover rate where you get booked with a different massage therapist each time
  • Experienced, professional massage therapists, not new inexperienced graduates of massage schools who are still learning their craft.
  • Being treated like a valued client, not just a body on an assembly line.

What is your decision?  High-volume franchise or Tranquil Touch Therapeutic Massage? 

As we state elsewhere at this website -
"Our service provides each individual client with a massage session that is personalized, caring and thoroughly satisfying."